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The team of Prof. Dr. Thomas Bals

The team in winter semester 2021/22.

The team in winter semester 2021/22.

In 2009, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bals took over the W3 professorship for "Vocational Education" at the University of Osnabrück. Since then, the team has been dedicated to various vocational education topics and issues.

The research activities are based on the concept of "design based research" and emphasize sound methodological approaches. Accordingly, the completed and ongoing externally funded projects pursue questions with the goal of innovating and shaping vocational pedagogical practice and vocational teacher education. The focal points are

  • the education and further education and training of health and nursing professions,
  • participation in vocational and academic education as well as
  • innovative approaches and concepts for the qualification of teachers at vocational schools (e.g. mentoring, gamification).

Since Prof. Dr. Bals has been performing duties as Vice President in the Presidential Board of the University since 2016, the professorship is currently represented by Dr. Janika Grunau.

Together with the working group of Prof. Dr. Frommberger, the department is responsible for teaching in the subject of vocational and business education in the study programs of vocational teacher education in a total of seven vocational specializations.

Further information on the study programs

Further information about the team members