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General school internship

The General Practical School Studies (A-LbS) are a module in the Bachelor's degree program Berufliche Bildung (B. A./B. Sc.) (Vocational Education) as well as in the Master's degree program Lehramt an berufsbildenden Schulen für Fachbachelor (M. Ed.) (Teaching at Vocational Schools for Specialized Bachelor's degree). Within one year it comprises the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the first school internship.

The preparation and follow-up of the internship takes place within the framework of seminars, which are offered each semester. Therefore, the school internship can be completed at two points in the year: In each case during the lecture-free periods of the summer or winter semester. Thus, it is basically up to the student when to complete the school internship. In general, we recommend (according to the regular course of studies) the third semester for students with a Bachelor's degree and the first Master's semester for students with a specialized Bachelor's degree, in each case during the lecture-free period between the winter and summer semesters.

The completion of the A-LbS are an important milestone in the training to become a teacher at vocational schools. In the process, students acquire a variety of competencies designed to contribute to professionalization. The following qualification goals are pursued:

The students ... 

  • reflect on their own role as an intern and the change in perspective that comes with it.
  • use scientific observation methods in a target-oriented manner to analyze teaching-learning processes and to draw conclusions for the further development of teaching and the school.
  • know the functions and possible educational pathways of vocational schools, especially using the example of the school system in Lower Saxony.
  • have an awareness of the contradictions of pedagogical action in everyday school life.
  • critically question teacher-student relationships.
  • reflect, plan and design lessons on the basis of selected didactic and methodological criteria.
  • find out about the range of tasks and demands placed on teachers in order to examine their own study and career choices.
  • reflect on case-specific professional pedagogical, didactical and methodical actions from the perspective of professional competence development.

The following subpages provide more details on each component of the A-LbS and contact information.

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