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International vocational education research

The series 'International Vocational Education Research' provides a publication venue for scholars from the fields of vocational education and training research, comparative education, sociology, political science and economics. The editors represent a broad focus that understands vocational education as a cross-cultural, cross-life-stage, cross-domain, as well as cross-institutional phenomenon. The common intersection as well as the challenge here is to elucidate the interactions between work, education, and society.


In line with this orientation, the thematic potential ranges from micro research (e.g., classroom research) to macro research (e.g., educational transfer) and from highly formalized as well as institutionalized educational opportunities (e.g., school-based vocational training) to informal work-based educational opportunities (e.g., learning in the work process). The monographs and edited volumes of the series are published in German or English.


The series is edited by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Frommberger, Prof. Dr. Michael Gessler and Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz.

Previously published in the series: